"whats a chemical romance and why is it yours?" MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE also known as MCR or MY CHEM is an american rock band from new jersey that started and 2001 with the first mcr song ever SKYLINES AND TURNSTILES from the debut album "i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love" that was inspired by the 9/11 attack that gerard way, lead singer and writter of the band, witnessed, and keeps going since then, with very recent first song since their 2013 break up THE FOUNDATIONS OF DECAY

"well what is this band about?" it depends who you ask honestly, it talks about a lot of stuff in their albums and has a lot of different concepts, but the bands goal is to save their listeners lives like it saved the members lives, but not in a forced way, the opposite, in a very realistic yet hopeful way it saved millions of peoples lives, that includes me too!

"very nice anti-suicide paragraph, who are the members? are they cute?" thanks dear reader of my shrine, they are gerard way: lead singer
mikey way: bassist
ray toro: lead guitarist
and frank iero: rythm guitarist
and yes they are very cute ;-)

"thanks webmaster, op or whatever you're called, whats mcr meaning to you?" i started listening to my chem because i was amazed by gerard's work and expression, with their looks too, not only in the "woah he kinda hot" but how he was unafraid of being different, themself and weird sometimes (all the time), i wanted to be just as brave as them, and o being transgender and just recently found out about that part of myself, i didnt know who to look as an inspiration or to be hopeful for, since my parents and peers aren't a great option, gerard was there, being totally queer and himself and making beautiful art, i wanted to be like him, and it got me into mcr, which woah i got more three guys to be inspired by?! and amazing rock music to listen to?! that's heaven on earth! since i'm autistic i got hyperfixated very fast and this band is my special interest for years now and i'm trying to learn everything about them, and it had a side-effect on other aspects of my life like the infamous becoming emo and being obssesed with other bands that where from the same niche as my chem, so now i'm hyperfixated in pop-punk, punk and uhh decaydance records? it totally makes sense okay

thats it!